CORFU,  9th September, 2017

It is only two days until we go home, and finally I am really looking forward to it, seeing my dogs, my garden and everything that I love.      I must say when I talked about the earthquake it seems as nothing compared to Hurricane Irma.     The weather in England has been very drab compared to here, and my daughter in law Hetty, is threatening to put the heating on, behind Dominic’s back!       Our main success is how we have clipped the olive trees this year,  as you have the drama of the bare trunks,  and behind them the huge cypresses (planted by us), and the olive trees themselves look rather like umbrellas.     It is raining hard at the moment, and as usual the wi fi disappeared, but it has just returned and I am making the most of it.     

I long to see what the bottom of the garden looks like without Lonicera Maackii, which Polly and Neil managed to get out with the help of a digger.     Apparently there was a huge amount of Ash roots, glass bottles, stones etc.      Changing the planting of something that has been in a long time always takes ages, in particular preparing the ground for something else.       I think I am going to put in two Cotinus Flames, as they will be a good simple backdrop for the Klimt border.      

 The cats here are up to their usual tricks of being sick with a long mouse’s tail in the middle, their idea of a gift.      James has done a very good job in the courtyard, separating the Banksian Rose from Podranea Ricasoliana, and cleaning up the three niches in the wall, where we are planning on putting mosaics.       For the fourth week we are on our own, and I  think we should do that every year, as we can fix things, and concentrate on what we want to do to the garden.     We are so lucky to have this beautiful place in Corfu.


Prosilio, 2017

Yesterday the whole of the left side of the house shook with a large noise.     Needless to say it was an earthquake.       In all the 24 years I have been coming here I have never heard that.      The other excitement was that a huge grass snake, about five foot long, was discovered in the gutter of the swimming pool, and then killed.     Thank goodness it did not rear its head up when I was swimming or I would have had the most awful shock.       I still own a plot of buildable land which is next door to Thomas and Dominic’s house, and I would really like to sell it now.    It’s disadvantage is a large telegraph pole, or electricity pylon next to where you would build the house.    Now I have discovered that James has the key to the entrance gate we must go and have a look as to where the pole could be moved to.         He has been squirrelling it away for years.     ??