For me this is the first day of SPRING

I wonder if it is because it is a lovely warm day, bees and butterflies abound, and partly as this puts me in a good mood I have had some new ideas for the apricot border. For some time I have been fed up with the large untidy Colutea Media, so Polly has taken it out, not quite. It proved to be a real struggle with a large root going off at a tangent. She is determined not to give up, and says she is getting there! We are going to put in Cotinus Grace, against which everything peach in that border will look good. My friend Rupert Goldby has given me a Daphne Jacqueline Postill, which we will put at the back. The smell when it is flowering is idyllic. I am excited at what we are doing as it is going to look quite different.

The miniature species tulips are beginning to emerge, these increase with rhizomes under the ground, and are well worth growing as they flower when not much else is. All my chaenomeles are flowering, nivalis looks very Japanese, and Moerloosi is down by the circles in the paddock. The circles in the paddock are a blaze of colour at the moment with all the peonies showing off their red shoots. There are so many little beautiful treasures in them you hardly know where to look. I remember Bob Brown saying to me ‘you dont really need this’

And I replied ‘You dont live here’. What is fun all the anemone blanda have seeded into the slate chippings where the chairs are, and so have the little white cyclamen so I have about five of them. If I put my cyclamen into a bed I am nothing like so successful with them. Polly has just succeeded with that terrible root. We have added three new peonies this year from Binny Plants, all red, and with the gift of a little shortbread biscuit, such a nice touch.

In the paddock, malus hupehensis
Chaenomeles Nicoline
Magnolia stellata, and daffodil Mount Hood.
Paeonie mairei, the first to flower

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